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Tween Cosmetics

“When can I wear makeup?”  As parents, we've heard that before and believe that wearing age appropriate cosmetics can boost self-esteem and confidence.  We have designed and developed the best brands in the market for those young girls that are ready to experiment with cosmetics.  Our tween brands are safe to use, tested by accredited labs and come in environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable packaging.   

Private Label

Over the years, Smart Brands Inc. has created many relationships with retailers worldwide looking for ‘exclusive’ opportunities in the beauty field.  From brand creation to contract manufacturing, Smart Brands Inc. offers a wealth of experience and creativity to help these retailers separate themselves from their competition.

Holiday Gift Sets

Key trends and classic influences are used to create an eclectic and inspiring gift program. Bath and Body Sets and Cosmetic sets feature collections for every demographic, purse-string and trend. From children’s products to a gift for Grandma, Smart Brands has a gift for everyone!